I'm Going to the Arbor!

I have been chosen to save the Grevel Nub Princess! Should I succeed, there will be more exciting missions in store.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Travel to Grevel Nub Arbor and find Princess Malorra.

CutScene PeronRihnPeron Rihn
Not bad. You could have made a fine Ranger.

Glorin and I have hatched a scheme to overthrow Yorrick, but in order to do it, we will need to gain allies from the other two rebel factions. Before we can approach the other faction leaders, however, we need to prove our strength by gathering as many allies and resources as we can within the Nature faction.

Our greatest allies, the Grevel Nubs, have been overtaken by Zeruul's bird minions, under one Captain Kestrall. They have caged Malorra, the Grevel Nub Princess, and held her ransom for the little folk's good behavior. We need you to free the Princess, and work with her to stage a rebellion at Grevel Nub Arbor.

Should you succeed, return to the headquarters at Ecorae. There will be plenty more to do by then.

This uprising will also throw Yorrick's undead off my trail! I'm depending on you to succeed.
CutScene CaptainGlorinCaptain Glorin

CutScene GrevelNubArbor Travel to Grevel Nub Arbor.

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