The Quest Series 'Forest Hideout' is comprised of:

Chapter 1: Forest Hide OutEdit

Robot WallEdit

  • Travel to Esert Village

Robot SlayerEdit

Look on the quests tab to view additional side quests. Earn enought gold to purchase the Discombobulator

Side Quest Chapter 1: My First Side-QuestEdit

Discombobulator: Earn Your Keep

  • Collect 10 Permission Slips from Sparring Partners

"Certified" Instructor

  • Reward: 500 gold


  • Defeat 15 Thugbots

King's CourtEdit

  • Defeat 10 Bandit Kings

Crown FallEdit

  • Travel to the Ted's Farm

Side Quest Chapter 1: King's Crown QuestEdit

King's CrownEdit

  • Collect 10 Bandit Crowns from Bandit Kings

King's Crown: FoiledEdit

  • Reward: 150 gold

Next Quest SeriesEdit

Healing Enrick

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