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Forester of Eserton

This Elven Forester has long forgotten the ways of her people when technology came to Eserton. Needing enough gold to keep a roof over her head, she took up her axe and began the process of deforesting the land. Now on the very outskirts of town, she is a rare sight indeed, as she works from where the sun rises until it sets.

Location(s): Eserton

First Appearance: Chapter 13

Attack Power: 119

Defense Power: 23

Family Type: Humanoid

Critical Chance: 3%


  • 10% chance of Axe Swing (+15 attack)
  • Forester of Eserton uses their axe to attack you.

Loot: 1 x Seeker Silver Chest Seeker Silver Chest, 10 x Ultra Volt small Ultra Volt

Energy Preference: Static Volt smallStatic Volt

Alternative Version(s): Elven Forester small Elven Forester (past)

Notes: This is a rare character with a 1/700 encounter rate [1].

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 3 Badge Gold 5 Badge Platinum 10

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