Ghost Dragon Staff

Wielded by the legendary Dragon Tamer of Fontis Sapienta, The Ghost Dragon Staff summons etheral familiars to engulf your enemies in magic flame. Although these dragons are made of nothing more than light and mist, their teeth are still sharp enough to pierce armor, so no matter what attack an enemy throws at them, they still keep fighting.

Location(s): None

Type: Weapon

Attack Power: 48

Mastery Level 1 2 3 4 5
Attack Power 53 58 64 71 78

Weapon Class: Enchanted

Power Type: Arcane

Critical Chance: 7%


  • 60% chance of Ancient Roar (+5 Defense)
  • A host of ancient dragons roar a ghostly chorus, sending a chill through foe's body.
  • 45% chance of Light and Mist (+6 Attack vs Dark)
  • Ethereal dragons of mist and light begin to circle and frighten foe.
  • 30% chance of Magic Flame (+7 Attack vs Beast, Dark)
  • A magic flame shoots out from your staff, engulfing foe.

Required Level: 37

Sell Value: Unsellable but Tradable and Giveable

Obtained By: No longer purchasable - was previously purchasable from the Premium Shop for 250 Seeker Silver.

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