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Many years ago, the Goblins of the Mangled Forest discovered the technology of iron. It's not that it didn't exist before, but Goblins always tend to be a bit slower than the other races of the Mythlands. Before long, they were cutting down the forest and using the lumber to construct their own city, as no one else would offer them hospitality. Goblins tend to not practice restraint, however. They eventually chopped down every last tree. Not having anything else to to do, they grew bored. One fateful day, a lone Goblin no one had much thought about travelled beyond the Goblin city and saw the street fights in the ruins of Ivory City. Vastly entertained, the Goblin returned to share his discovery. The Goblins made him and his family their leaders and began having organized fights of their own in a great arena. The rest, as they say, is history!


Character Family Type
Enemy Class
Quest Required?
Goblin Grunt small Goblin Grunt Beast - Variable Variable - Goblin Aristocrat Volt
Goblin Goonie small Goblin Goonie Beast Tough Variable Variable Yes Goblin Champion Volt, Goblin Aristocrat Volt
Elven Goblin small Elven Goblin Humanoid Fast 85 20 Yes -
Dwarven Goblin Small Dwarven Goblin Humanoid Tough 105 15 Yes Goblin Aristocrat Volt
Goblin Aristocrats Small Goblin Aristocrats Beast Fast, Warded 130 38 Yes Goblin Aristocrat Volt
Goblin of Wood small Goblin of Wood (R) Beast - 132 25 Yes Dragon Acid, Ultra Volt
Trog Troll small Trog Troll Humanoid Warded 169 42 Yes Goblin Aristocrat Volt
Stomping Turtle small Stomping Turtle Dark Tough 337 93 Yes Goblin Aristocrat Volt
Pigmy Dragon small Pigmy Dragon Beast Tough 338 43 Yes Dragon Acid, Goblin Aristocrat Volt

Seeking StrategyEdit

See Chapter 13 Summary table for help with quest progress.

Using Basic Energy will attract Goblin Grunts, which will drop Goblin Aristocrat Volt after unlocking The Aristocrats' Denial main quest. This is a great way to obtain gold, since Goblin Aristocrats drop amounts of gold comparable to chapter 14 characters (350-400) and there's no need to use the expensive Static Volt at all.


Dragon Acid small


  • None.

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