I Traded my Goblin Medals for Gold!

The Goblin Captains bought my Goblin Medals for 500 gold! Not a bad trade for a handful of old bottle caps...

CutScene GoblinCaptainGoblin Captain
Fah! You not Gob! What you want with command buttons?

No good to you, only to Gobs! You want monies, yes? We give you lots of monies for buttons!

With a wave of his hand, the Goblin Captain's lackeys start shoveling piles of coins to your feet.

Even you have a price, and a few bottle-caps in exchange for 500 gold pieces seems like a pretty good deal.

Goblin Medal small
You hand over: 3 x Goblin Medal
Gold Icon
You have received: 500 gold.


This quest is repeatable until you reach level 14.

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