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Gold is the currency of Leyvnlight. It is usually acquired as loot from different creatures defeated during gameplay, but additional gold can be obtained by selling equipment or resources via the trading function. Currently there is no direct way of purchase in-game gold using real currency.

Different characters drop various amounts of gold and some rare characters like Midas Moper can drop extremely large amounts. The amount of gold dropped can be increased by using Mage/ Expert Mage Avatars and/or special support items like Desert Goggles, Dragon Fly Companion,Evergreen Companion, Rogue Wink Companion, Tree of Seasons and Zombling Companion. During various event, scalable event creatures usually drop a generous amount of gold comparable to creatures in later chapter, especially helpful for low level players.

Gold is used for purchasing energies and various equipment. Gold is also paid as service charge for crafting items in workshop. But not all items available in the shop are purchasable using gold as another premium currency (Seeker Silver) is used.

As the game progress and new chapter coming out, new creatures with high gold drop is more common. If a player wishing to purchase premium items but have not enough SS (Seeker Silver), they can purchase the items from other players using price conversion from Seeker Silver to gold. Since players can accumulate large amount of gold easier, they are willing to pay more gold on premium items, seller wants to gain more profit by upping items price, ultimately making the purchasing power of gold on premium items is getting lower (According to trading forum, at Jan 2012, players willing to pay each Superior Energy around 3000 gold, where at early 2011, it is at around 1200 gold per piece. To counter inflation of gold, the game developers have designed new chapters with bigger gold consumption, balancing the gold reserve.

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