I Found the Golem Heart!

Now that I've got the Wall Golem's heart, I can travel freely through Kestrall's prison. I'm going to use it to rescue the other prisoners!

New Objective Unlocked!

Under the force of your terrible blows, the Golem cracks, shivers, then falls apart. You spy a strange light beneath the rubble, and dig through the stray bricks to find out what it is.

You find a small metal ball, surrounded by light. When you pick it up, the nearby rubble rises into the air and circles around you. After a bit of practice you succeed in using the ball’s power to stack the bricks.

The Golem’s Heart can re-arrange the walls of Kestrall’s Oubliette at will! With this power, you’ve found the key to saving the rest of the prisoners here.

Golem Heart Thumbnail You have received: 1 x Golem Heart

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