Lt. Graves Defeated!

I defeated Lt. Graves, releasing my companions from his fell enchantments! I took one of his teeth to help cure Enrick.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Return to Ivory City to tell Glorin the good news

CutScene LtGraves LLt. Graves
You may defeat me, but you’ll never defeat my master. Zeruul, the immortal one, will find you, and when he does, you will become his slave! Enjoy this victory, Seeker. . . it will be your last.
Lt. Graves melts away, leaving only his bones and a scattering of earth. The knights that were engulfed in green fire return to normal, confused about where they are and why their weapons are strewn about everywhere. The camp is empty-- you have defeated all of the undead, as per orders.

You stoop down and pick up one of Grave's teeth, the perfect ingredient for Enrick's cure.

It’s now time to go back to headquarters, and report your victory to Glorin.

Graves Tooth You have received: Grave's Tooth x 1.

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