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Location banner Green Leaf Bridge

This pristine stone bridge crosses the Southern River and connects trade routes across the land.


Family Type
Goblin of Water small Goblin of Water (R) Humanoid 12 0 Yes 20 x Liquid Frost
Tea Troll small Tea Troll Beast 13 8 -
Amphibleon small Amphibleon Beast 14 1 -
Rowdy Trolls small Rowdy Trolls Beast 14 6 Yes Troll Toga
Rogue Wink small Rogue Wink Beast 15 7 - Copper Ring
Soggy Troll small Soggy Troll Beast 15 6 Yes
Troll Lummoxes small Troll Lummoxes Beast 17 5 Yes Troll Toga
Gruff small Gruff Beast 18 5 - Goat Pipe, Basic Energy

Seeking StrategyEdit

Blessed Hammer and Smoldering Torch are less effective here due to the Warded enemy class of trolls. However, this section is not long so any weapons should be fine.

Goblin of Water is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 2.


Copper Ring small Goat Pipe Small Troll Toga small Liquid Frost Thumbnail



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