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Hall of Mirrors

Many have wandered in this hall.
Few have found their way out.
The worlds whisper a luring call
Promising a future free of doubt.

Zeruul's posion doesn't taint
In the lands through the gates.
The Shadow's tyranny is faint
But travelers die of worse fates.

Location(s): Ivory Spires of Bont

First Appearance: Chapter 10

Attack Power: 148

Defense Power: 34

Family Type: Construct

Critical Chance: 3%


  • 12% chance of Calm Lure (+13 Defense)
  • It would be so easy to forget being a Seeker and wander into one of those peaceful worlds, wouldn't it?
  • 32% chance of Broken Glass (+5 Attack)
  • There's broken glass everywhere!How can you keep fighting if you get cut everywhere you move?!

Loot: Mirror Shard
Gold: Gold Icon 195 - 217

Energy Preference: None


  • The mirrors seem to be gateways to other worlds. There are two references to MouseHunt and FishHunt (Hitgrab's other games): a White Mouse in the middle of the hall and a fish in one of the worlds in the mirrors.

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 10 Badge Gold 100 Badge Platinum 250

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