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At the meeting place of five mountain streams sits Hammer Falls, a growing town which is home to an experimental power generation station. Many ambitious inventors flock to Hammer Falls, hoping to make the first big invention which uses electric power to its full potential. There are plenty of soft-core rebels in Hammer Falls's forges, but so far, Zeruul has largely ignored the town's more eccentric residents in favor of policing the power station.


Character Family






Shield of Zeruul smallShield of Zeruul Construct Variable Variable - Gadget, Widget
Will of Zeruul smallWill of Zeruul Dark Variable Variable - Gadget, Widget
Blade of Zeruul smallBlade of Zeruul Humanoid Variable Variable - Gadget, Widget
Eye of Zeruul smallEye of Zeruul Beast Variable Variable - Gadget, Widget
Fast Zombies small Fast Zombies Dark 35 25 - Gadget, Widget
Arachnoid Fiend small Arachnoid Fiend Dark 36 16 - Gadget, Widget
Bombie small Bombie Dark 36 18 - Gadget, Widget
Cy-Bird House small Cy-Bird House Construct 37 18 Yes Gadget, Widget, Noise Maker
Energy Channeler small Energy Channeler Humanoid 37 19 Yes Generator Sparks, Gadget, Widget
Trog Scavenger small Trog Scavenger (R) Beast 40 12 Yes 10 x Silverade, 50 x Whistle Energy
Beastly Necromancer small Beastly Necromancer Dark 41 16 Yes Whistle Energy
Sepulchral Spearman small Sepulchral Spearman Dark 41 19 Yes Whistle Energy, Gadget, Widget
Chenivore small Chenivore Dark 45 19 Yes Whistle Energy, Gadget, Widget

Seeking StrategyEdit

The Trog Scavenger is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 5.


Silverade small


Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Hammer Falls:

Chapter 8: Loneliness on the FrontEdit

Available after completing The Spirit Wall main quest. Continues in Ivory City and Esert Village.

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