The Festival of Giving

I helped prepare for the celebrations of the Festival of Giving! Season's greetings to all!

New Objective Unlocked!

- You did it! You helped prepare for the Festival of Giving! Did you help EVERYONE out and find the secret gift...?

With his Candy Cranes gone, the Grunch slouches off into the night, dragging his makeshift santa hat with him.

For a moment, you feel sorry for him, and consider inviting him to the feast... but then he comes back for another pass and smacks you across the nose. You escort the Grunch to the edge of rebel territory, then get him going with a swift kick in the rear end.

When you return to town, everybody is waiting for you-- including the Santas.

CutScene Holly L
You've rescued the Candy Cranes and saved our festival! Your warmth of heart and generosity this holiday season have inspired us to make something for you.

This Candy Crane is extra large, for extra luck, and each of the Santas has imbued it with their special powers.

Now let's settle down to the feast, and enjoy our holidays!

Candy Crane Small You have received: 1 x Candy Crane

Thanks for playing Levynlight's Jolly Holidays event! We hope that all of your celebrations this season are filled with great food, warmth and happiness. Enjoy the season, Seekers!

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