The Candy Cranes Have Been Stolen!

Mr. Holly thinks the Grunch stole them, but I have to find out for sure.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Defeat 17 Santa Watch to find out which way the crane thief went.

CutScene Holly L
At last, the time has come for our grandest celebration of the season: the giving of the gifts and the exchange of the Candy Cranes.

Each year, we give Candy Cranes to one another to symbolize our common needs and our commitment to unity between the diverse peoples of this land. Cranes can fly over long distances, reminding us that we share one sky.

CutScene Thomas L
*Huff* *Puff* Mr. Holly! The Candy Cranes have been stolen by a monster! I tried to stop him, but he knocked me over!
CutScene Holly L
This is horrible! Without the cranes, the festival will have to be cancelled! I bet it’s that fiend, the Grunch, again. Please, run to the guard post, and see if the Santa Watch saw which way he went!

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