Heavy Dragon Scale

Perfect practice has produced a perfect suit of armor for you. The Scientist and the Starmage have become an amazing team and their work has produced stellar results. This armor fits you like a glove and it veritably radiates power.

Location(s): Esert Village

Type: Armor

Defense Power: 28

Critical Chance: 8%


  • 88% Chance of Tailored (+8 Defense)
  • Your Dragon Scale Armor flows with your movements as if it were a second skin.
  • 8% Chance of Draconic Wisdom (+88% XP)
  • The Sage Dragon scales in your armor impart unforeseen knowledge!

Required Level: 38

Sell Value: Unsaleable

Obtained By: Crafting at the Esert Village Shop in Esert Village after completion of the Only The Best! Quest with:

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