Location banner Hedge Valley

Winding their way through the perilous Crown Mountains, the windswept expanses of Hedge Valley are home to the stoic Hedge Guard, fierce allies to Peron Rihn and the Forest Rangers. Hedge Valley has always been a place of dreary fog and looming storm clouds, but lately, things have gotten a lot worse. Zeruul has sent his minions to chop down any unusual trees, and the fog has taken on a suffocating thickness that is killing the trees and driving creatures indoors.


Family Type
Quest Required?
Grass Gremble small Grass Gremble Beast 2 0 - Sturdy Branch, Superior Energy
Snap Dragon small Snap Dragon Beast 6 0 - Sturdy Branch
Grin Gophers small Grin Gophers Beast 23 11 - Gopher's Dentures, Superior Energy
Bush Hunter small Bush Hunter Humanoid 23 13 - Totem Mask, Superior Energy, Sturdy Branch
Coney Scout small Coney Scout Beast 30 13 - Sturdy Branch
Auto Choppa small Auto Choppa Construct 31 16 Yes Superior Energy, Sturdy Branch
Steam Sloth small Steam Sloth Beast 32 14 Yes

Mist Energy, Sloth Claw, Sturdy Branch

Goblin Clearcutter small Goblin Clearcutter Beast 32 17 Yes Sturdy Branch
Steam Weaver small Steam Weaver Construct 33 15 Yes Mist Energy, Reinforced Plating, Robot Carapace, Sturdy Branch
Jorn Kindlewink small Jorn Kindlewink Beast 35 17 Yes Sturdy Branch
Hedge Guard small Hedge Guard Beast 36 13 Yes Superior Energy
Fogbelly small Fogbelly Dark 37 16 Yes Sturdy Branch
Canopy Strider small Canopy Strider (R) Construct 42 12 Yes 15 x Mist Energy

Seeking StrategyEdit


Gopher's Dentures small Totem Mask small Sloth Claw small Robot Carapace Small Great Mastery Elixir small



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Hedge Valley:

Chapter 5: Sticks to SpearsEdit

Available after completing Kelend Kicks The Nest main quest.

Chapter 8: One With the BeastsEdit

Available after completing The Spirit Wall main quest.

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