Almost there...

I'm closing in on Princess Malorra's Cage Key! All I need are a few more Heron Ground Troops...

New Objective Unlocked!

- Catch 15 Heron Ground Troops to find the key to the Princess's cage.

CutScene PrincessMalorraPrincess Malorra
That's so much better. All that jostling and squawking was driving me crazy!

We've got to do something about Captain Kestrall. His minions swoop down on us little people, taking us to prison or worse... eating us! The only reason they haven't eaten me yet is because they fear my powers.

Now that the guards are thinned out, you'll need to head out in to the Arbor and catch the 15 Heron Ground Troops that are patrolling the streets. One of them has the key we need, but we won't know which one until we catch them all.

You might need Superior Energy on this one... Herons are awfully quick. You can still use Basic Energy, but Superior Energy can improve your odds!

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