Heron Ground Troops

Captain Kestrall relies on the Heron Ground Troops to guard Grevel Nub Arbor's most secure locations. Working in combination with the Redtail Sentries patrolling the skies, the Herons are the keepers of keys, preventing any unauthorized travel through the Arbor. They also form random checkpoints around the city, rifling through citizens' bags to check for contraband. what constitutes contraband, you ask? Oh, money, shiny things, anything that might be tasty.

Location(s): Grevel Nub Arbor

First Appearance: Chapter 3

Attack Power: 21

Defense Power: 6

Family Type: Beast

Critical Chance: 0%


  • 18% chance of Team Defense (+4 Defense)
  • Heron Ground Troops form a defensive barrier to keep you from escaping.
  • 69% chance of Fly Away (+10 Defense vs Strong)
  • Heron Ground Troops fly into the air, out of reach of your weapon!

Loot: Superior Energy small Superior EnergySmall Shield Small ShieldWhitestone Shard Whitestone Shard
Gold: Gold Icon 27 - 37

Energy Preference: None

Notes: Small Shield is only dropped during the Nubs Are Not Grub! Quest.

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 10 Badge Gold 100 Badge Platinum 250

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