I'm Hunting Arachtaceans!

I need eight Ruby Roses from their backs to trade for the Citrine Heart.

New Objective Unlocked!

• Gather 8 Ruby Roses from Ruby Arachtaceans in the Citrine Heart Grotto.

When you arrive at Fontis Sapienta, you seek out Philima’s new administration at the Palace of Stairs. There, you run into her chamberlain, who peers at you over a stack of papers that he has been shuffling.
High Magister Marcos LHigh Magister Marcos
What? What do you want?

Oh, you’re Philima’s Seeker friend, come back for the Citrine Heart. Well, I know Philima told us to give it back to that sage, but we need it here. The Khlorri are still tired from their ordeal, and so we’re using the Heart’s powers to help them hold up the city.

I suppose we could use eight Ruby Roses instead... but they’re almost as rare as the heart itself. They only grow on the backs of Ruby Arachtaceans, you see. Bring me some Ruby Roses, and I’ll think about giving back the Heart.

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