Peron is in Danger!

An Imp is trying to assassinate Peron Rihn! If I can't save him, there will be no one to lead the Forest Rangers.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat 15 Imps to protect Peron Rihn!

Upon your return to the city in the trees, you immediately Seek out Peron Rihn’s hideout. You find Peron, and Captain Glorin, seated on the floor, discussing strategy with some trusted advisors.
CutScene Captain Glorin LCaptain Glorin
Ah, our brilliant new Seeker is back!
CutScene PeronRihnPeron Rihn
News of your rebellion and escape has already reached us, even at this distance. Well done! Zeruul’s forces ought to be busy taking care of that mess for a while, I’d say.
Peron Rihn holds out a hand, but your heightened senses draw your attention elsewhere. Something is moving up in the rafters of this building. It’s an Imp, hidden behind a wide beam, and your Seeker Stone tells you that he’s about to fire a poison arrow at Peron!

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