New Quest Unlocked!

• Lady Philima's Rift Mirror is now available to craft in the Fontis Sapienta store.

The Obsidian Guardian's mantle of runic stone opens up a void, which sucks him inside. His mantle falls to the floor. The Runes dim, and it breaks in three.

Silence reigns for a few moments, then light begins to pour into the room. One of the Seeresses gives a shout.

Seeress LSeeress
Lady Philima is speaking through my crystal ball! I think she's in trouble!
Enrick! Seeker! We must travel to Ecorae at once! King Yorrick is attacking Peron with all of his troops, and the Levyn has been stolen!

Equip yourself with my Rift Mirror, and prepare to fight!

Philima RArchmage Philima

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