Location banner Ivory Spires of Bont

Environmental Requirements

  • True Eyeglass small

The Ivory Spires of Bont reach high. Or are they stretching into the land? There is no line between earth and sky- No boundaries between air and sand. Everything is confused and topsy turvy. Nothing in this place is as it should be. What should be straight becomes curvy And you must look beyond what you see. Beware of how it all seems to appear. The truth is hidden behind all the lies. What seems simple is worthy of fear, But truth can be found under the guise. Even Zeruul fears touching this place, Uncertain of what it'll do to his power. It might all fade away without a trace And make even the evil Shadow cower.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Flying Fish small Flying Fish Beast 46 17 Yes -
Flock of Fish small Flock of Fish Beast 110 25 Yes Illusion Energy
Midas Moper small Midas Moper (R) Beast 113 21 - Drink Me
Tree Twins small Tree Twins Humanoid 122 22 - Drink Me
Endless Staircase small Endless Staircase Construct 128 26 Yes Endless Staircase Map
Hallucination small Hallucination Construct 133 37 Yes Drink Me
The Courtyard small The Courtyard Construct 142 54 Yes Fountain Coin
Trickster Coyote small Trickster Coyote Beast 143 28 Yes Drink Me
Hall of Mirrors small Hall of Mirrors Construct 148 34 Yes Mirror Shard
Pedi'Rota small Pedi'Rota Beast 153 32 Yes Drink Me
Ziggy, The Illusionist small Ziggy, The Illusionist Humanoid 153 43 Yes

Illusionist's Wand

Seeking StrategyEdit

See also: Finding Ingredients quest series.

There are different types of characters in this location (Construct, Humanoid and Beast), so it's best to use appropriate weapons when facing different characters (see Summary for more details). It's even possible to use Summoning Nayavi when facing Constructs and Wise Nayavi when facing Humanoids.


Drink Me small




  • Flying Fish was accidentally introduced to this location, but it was decided it should stay. [1]
  • Interestingly, all descriptions (of location, characters and items) in this location are rhymed.
  • Bont is a reference to Bant from Magic: The Gathering, a collectible card game. [2]

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