Jungle Bells

The merry sound of the Jungle Bells bring back memories of happier times-halls filled with laughter, joy, and festive jubilation. They remind you of a time before the Shadow...before you were a Seeker...except you can't remember before waking up in Esert Village, can you?

SPECIAL NOTE: The merriment of these Jungle Bells was always meant to be shared! They can only offer aid if you have three Seeker friends to join in the festive spirit!

Location(s): Festivas Isle

Type: Support

Critical Chance: 11%


  • 93% chance of Stuck In The Head (+4 Defense)
  • Your enemy can think of nothing else but Jungle Bells!
  • 88% chance of Jungle All The Way! (+1 Attack)
  • Your enemy is lost in thoughts of a dark, pressing jungle!
  • 83% chance of Jungle Bell Rock! (+2 Attack)
  • You shake your Jungle Bells to the beat and distract your enemy!

Required Level: 1

Sell Value: Unsaleable.

Obtained By: Reward after completing the Jungle Bells All the Way! Quest (during Christmas in July event)

Notes: You can't use this item if you don't have at least three friends who play LevynLight.

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