New Objective Unlocked!

After the Cartographer is finished, you take the completed map to Cog Lord Kelend. To your surprise, he seems rather... unsurprised.
Cog Lord KelendCog Lord Kelend
I suppose you're wondering why I'm not stripping a gear right now, aren't you?

If these reinforcements are allowed to arrive, our rebellion will be in grave danger. But, wiping them out will offer us a chance to test our weapons. I'm going to make a dangerous wager, that with new technology and Seekers on our side, we can make the reinforcements disappear en route.

This is a pivotal time for the Mechanical Menace... bring home a victory, and I'll give Peron all the help he can handle.

You can start by picking up the last of the supplies we need to finish our new secret weapon. You'll need some Reinforced Plating from a Forge Master, and some Ammunition Belts from the Gearheads.

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