Location banner Kestrall's Oubliette

Just a crow’s flight west of Grevel Nub Arbor, in the shadow of a mist-shrouded mountain peak slouches an aging stone fort which conceals the secrets of a thousand missing Seekers-- Kestrall’s Oubliette. Behind high stone walls, buried deep within the ground, an endless warren of dungeon cells conceals many of the enemies that the Mythmonger wishes would fade from the public’s memory.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Rat small Rat Beast 5 0 - Emeralite Shard, Green Mold, Superior Energy, Wall Energy
Noxious Newt smallNoxious Newt Beast 22 16 - Newt Slime, Superior Energy
Jade Deepmoth small Jade Deepmoth Beast 23 12 Yes Whitestone Shard
Rebel Smuggler smallRebel Smuggler Humanoid 23 16 Yes Smuggler's Beard, Small Flame, Superior Energy
Lantern Man small Lantern Man Beast 24 16 - Food Tin, Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard
Bardic Dissident small Bardic Dissident Humanoid 24 10 Yes Bardic Chapeau, Pungent Incense, Superior Energy
Corvian Trickster small Corvian Trickster Beast 25 14 - First Floor Energy, Music Box, Superior Energy
Psiroe small Psiroe Dark 25 15 Yes Whitestone Shard
Brick Wall small Brick Wall Construct 25 17 - None
Interrogator smallInterrogator Humanoid 26 14 - Superior Energy, Wall Energy
Turnkey Vulture smallTurnkey Vulture Beast 27 17 - Discarded Board, First Floor Energy, Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard
Oubliette Jailer smallOubliette Jailer Humanoid 27 16 - Superior Energy, Whitestone Shard
Lamp Head smallLamp Head Construct 27 14 - Wall Energy, Whitestone Shard
Stoolie small Stoolie Humanoid 28 15 - First Floor Energy, Superior Energy, Wall Energy, Whitestone Shard
Wall Golem small Wall Golem Construct 28 17 Yes Emeralite Shard, Superior Energy, Wall Energy
Sulphur Construct small Sulphur Construct (R) Construct 31 0 Yes First Floor Energy, Smuggler's Beard, Wall Energy
Assimilator Spawn smallAssimilator Spawn Dark 31 15 Yes Whitestone Shard

Seeking StrategyEdit

At this point, you should use the strongest weapon here (Energy Bow or Hunting Bow) until you get the Lightning Lute. A stronger armour such as White Fancymail is also recommended.

Sulphur Construct is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 4.


Smuggler's Beard small Bardic Chapeau small Courage Tonic Small



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available at Kestrall's Oubliette:

Chapter 4: The Scrawl On the WallEdit

Available after completing Escape the Jailer main quest.

Chapter 4: Building Smoke BombsEdit

Available after completing The Walls Awake main quests.

Chapter 4: Bug ZapperEdit

Available after completing A Surprise Visitor (Chapter 6) main quest.

Chapter 4: Acolyte of St. GiorgioEdit

Available after completing A Surprise Visitor (Chapter 6) main quest.

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