I'm Building Whistle Energy!

Obby the Robot told me that the feral Undead are weak to loud noises! Now, I've got to find the right ingredients to make some very noisy energy.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Gather 15 Noise Makers from Cy-Bird House, and 15 Generator Sparks from Energy Channeler so that the Hammer Falls store will sell you Whistle Energy.

CutScene Obsolete Robot LeftObsolete Robot
Poor Torque! I was trying to find him when the attack started. It turns out that when the Undead purged all the Obsobots, they forgot to change their transmission frequency!

I've been hearing all the messages passed by the approaching army... and it doesn't look good for us. They've got a Chenivore, a giant beast that can flatten the whole town!

There's only one thing that can stop them from riding right over us. Chenivores and their handlers come from caves deep underground, and they have very sensitive ears. If you could craft some energy that made a lot of noise, we might gain an advantage in the fight.

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