I Got Some Supplies!

The crafting ingredients I got from the Sinkbots today should come in handy for crafting new equipment.

CutScene SinkbotSinkbot
Glug... Seeker has brought many supplies for Sinkbots. Sinkbots safe now. Going to weld Kraken back together... glug glug.

Sinkbots give you some old parts as thanks. Good currents to you... glug.

Small Shield
You hand over: 19 x Small Shield
You hand over: 18 x Reinforced Plating
U-bot Energy Small
You have received: 20 x U-bot Energy
Grungy Gadget
You have received: 14 x Grungy Gadget
Barnacled Widget
You have received: 12 x Barnacled Widget

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