Liquid Candy Shake

This high-energy shake* made from pure liquified candy is sure to give Seekers the power** and nutrition*** they need to liquify the undead during Halloween. *Use only as recommended by your magician. Do not exceed more than 1 does per week. **Energy derived from sugar is an unhealthy source of power. ***Actual nutritional value may vary with use and alchemical reactions. WARNING: Not a replacement for healthy diet and exercise. USE WITH CAUTION!

Location(s): Various

Type: Potion

Critical Chance: 0%


  • 100% Sugar Rush (+15 Attack vs Dark)
  • Metabolizing the sugar in this delicious candy shake, you go into a hyper rage, striking a powerful blow against ____.
  • 25% chance of Critical Crash (-5 Defense)
  • The cheap, quick-burning energy from the sugar runs out and you suddenly feel exhausted.

Required Level: 1

Obtained By:

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