The Delivery Boys Ran Off!

I'm on an errand to find the delivery boys who stole the Cog Soldier's chocolates! Have you seen them?

New Objective Unlocked!

• Collect 10 Chocolates from Ivory Squires in Ivory City.

Cog Soldier LCog Soldier
The undead assault may be over, but we Cog Soldiers are going to be here in Hammer Falls for a long time, peacekeeping and cleaning up. I miss my sweetheart, Meera.

I tried to order some chocolates for her from Ivory City, but they never arrived. When I wrote the chocolatier, he said the delivery boys ran off with them. If you could track down some of those Ivory Squires and get my candy back, then deliver it to Meera, I’d reward you as best I can.

Please? For a guy in love?

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