Location banner Lostman's Desert

Environmental Requirements

  • Desert goggles small

This barren desert was abandoned over a century ago by the living, drawing the dead like moths to a flame. Hailing the Ivory Guardian as their leader, they steal away what life they can find whenever they can find it. At first, the living denizens of the Mythlands were indifferent to the undead swarms. After all, it was only a desert of no value to anyone at the time. When Ivory City called out for aid in the surrounding areas to battle the fires however, many were forced to watch the glorious beacon of civilization fall to ruins, unwilling or unable to brave the stretching sands and their hidden graves.


Character Family Type Enemy Class Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Beta Tester2 small Beta Tester Beast Tough Variable Variable - -
Scarab small Scarab Dark - 100 42 - Dry Sand
Bone Warrior small Bone Warrior Dark - 105 43 Lostman's Desert Path
Pallid Peaks Path
Pallid Peaks Volt
Spirit small Spirit Dark - 150 46 Mangled Swamp Path
Lostman's Desert Path
Bone Infantry small Bone Infantry Dark - 157 42 Lostman's Desert Path
Pallid Peaks Path
Pallid Peaks Volt
Bone Spearman small Bone Spearman Dark - 161 51 Lostman's Desert Path,
Pallid Peaks Path
Pallid Peaks Volt
Skelorachnis small Skelorachnis Dark - 163 76 Lostman's Desert Path,
Mangled Swamp Path
Tasty Bone
Newborn Phoenix small Newborn Phoenix (R) Beast Warded 180 80 Yes 15 x Lostman's Desert Volt
Ivory Guardian small Ivory Guardian Dark - 500 133 Lostman's Desert Path -

Seeking StrategyEdit

See: Cross the Lostman's Desert for quest-related info & strategy (for Mage path).

Characters in this location, excluding Beta Tester, are resistant to Strong and Precise weapons, so Seekers are supposed to use an Enchanted weapon like Peacemaker's Sceptre.

However, there is a loophole in this. Since all characters (except Beta Tester) in this location are Dark, Optimeter (a Strong weapon) can be used to guarantee success on all characters in this location excluding Beta Tester, Ivory Guardian and possibly Skelorachnis (due to it's arachnophobia trait). This is NOT considered cheating. [1] Beware: This approach may not appeal to all seekers since it will drastically reduce the difficulty of the enemy characters.

Basic Energy can only attract Beta Testers in this location.


No special loot is available at Lostman's Desert.



  • Set (or Seth) was a god of the desert in Egyptian mythology [2].

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