Lucky Rabbit

Some People say that carrying a rabbit's foot around with you will bring you good luck, but that's just silly. Why just carry the foot around when you can have the whole lucky rabbit? Common sense dictates that it will be far more likely to use its lucky powers on you if it's happy and well-fed.

Location(s): Ecorae

Type: Support

Critical Chance: 10%


  • 35% Chance of Unbelievable Circumstance (+6 Defense)
  • Lucky Rabbit hops onto a spoon, that topples over a box of matches, that light on fire beneath a well-placed magnifying glass, which burns a rope that was holding up a heavy tree branch, which falls on your enemies.

Required Level: 1

Sell Value: unsellable

Obtained By: Obtained after the completion of The Rabbit Farmer quest.

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