Malorra is in Trouble!

I found Malorra, the Grevel Nub Princess! In order to free her from her cage, I have to start hunting Captain Kestrall's guards.

New Objective Unlocked!

You find the Grevel Nub Princess in a cage made of pitted black iron. A purple glow surrounds the bars, and she seems reluctant to touch them.

You get as close as the bottom of the pedestal as you can, but there is a swarm of birds around her, standing very, very close together. They jostle each other, cawing.

CutScene PrincessMalorraPrincess Malorra
Hey... hey you down there! Help me! If you can thin some of these guards out, I can tell you how to get the key to this cage!

Catch 10 Cowbird Commandoes and 15 Redtail Sentries, and then I can tell you more.

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