Chapter 1 Mangled ForestEdit

  • Defeat 15 Goblin Goons

Side Quest Chapter 1 Enchanted Goblin Edit

Enchanted Gob Chase

  • Defeat 1 Enchanted Goblin

Enchanted Gob Loot

Side Quest Chapter 1 Rogue's List Edit

Rogue's List

Rogue's Game Begins

  • Catch the Highwayman as many times as you can in 24 hours

Rogue's Game Ends

Side Quest Chapter 1 Dirty DealerEdit

Dirty Dealer Challenge

  • Defeat 200 Highwaymen

Dirty Dealer Reward

  • Reward Seeker's Title - Dirty Dealer

Side Quest' Chapter 1 Goblin Smasher Edit

Goblin Smasher Challenge

  • Defeat 250 Goblin Runts

Goblin Smasher Reward

  • Reward Seeker's Title - Goblin Smasher

Goblin HuntEdit

  • Defeat 10 Goblin Captains

Goblin CaptainsEdit

Travel to the Forest Hideout

Side Quest Chapter 1 Goblin Command Edit

Goblin Command

  • Collect 3 Goblin Medals from Goblin Captains

Goblin Payoff

  • Reward 500 gold

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