The Tea Troll Has a Crush!

The Tea Troll asked for my help in collecting Carniflower Buds to woo the love of his life!

New Objective Unlocked!

• Collect 30 Carniflower Buds from Carniflowers

The Tea Troll has left his humble abode under the Green Leaf Bridge to seek Aznor's assistance. He ran into Aznor in Esert Village, but the conversation he had didn't seem to solve his dilemma. He seemed a bit put out as he shambled towards you, but a smile lit his face as soon as you caught his eye.
CutScene TeaTroll LTea Troll
Cheerio, little Seeker. I'm in need of your assistance. You see, I have a bit of a crush. Not the violent type, mind you, but more of the heartsick, forlorn type. Aznor tried to help me, but he said that he didn't have the time to gather all the ingredients he would require. He told me I would need several Carniflower Buds, but it was much more than I could gather on my own. Please help me find Carniflower Buds so that I may woo the love of my life, Seeker!

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