Metal Elementalist

Master of all ore, the Metal Elementalist draws the power of metal from deep within the earth with only the strength of his razor-sharp mind. He is never without his shifting suit of quicksilver armor and his trusty sword, which he can morph into any shape. Fight him from a distance, because if you challenge him to a duel you might just find your weapon caught in the middle of his changing blade.

Location(s): Training Camp

First Appearance: Chapter 1

Attack Power: Variable

Defense Power: Variable

Family Type: Humanoid

Critical Chance: 0%

Traits: None

Loot: Baton of Metal small Baton of Metal
Gold: Gold Icon 5 - 10

Energy Preference: None

Notes: This character was no longer available to fight since the release of Chapter 3. It was reintroduced with the Christmas in July Event as a permanent addition.

Badges: Seekers do not earn badges for this character (more details).

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