I'm Under Attack In the Shallows!

I followed a helpful Mimic Ooze into the water, but the locals don't want me to enter! I'll need to fight my way through if I'm going to find the Kraken.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Defeat 15 Mollusk Mortars and 11 Cove Alchemists to continue searching for the Kraken.

The last Mimic Ooze forms itself into a fearsome sea beast- the Kraken. Then it changes shape, into a replica of you. It points to the sea shore, then walks in.

You and Enrick wade into the shallows, but before you can get anywhere, a row of spears and cannons sprout out of the water between you and the swimming Ooze.

Cutscene Enrick LeftEnrick
That scientist was serious about the locals! Well, we can't afford to be polite... there's no time to lose.

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