I Caught the Wondrous Stag!

This reclusive beast only appears to those wielding a special type of energy, and with the stag comes the mysterious Morrigan!

New Objective Unlocked!

Collect the Feather Amulet Piece, Beak Amulet Piece, Talon Amulet Piece and Egg Amulet Piece from Morrigan to gain her aid.You may want to trade with other players to complete this quest.

The Wondrous Stag dips its head to you, creating a blinding flash from its antlers that momentarily stuns you. When you rub the last of the dark spots from your eyes, the stag is gone, and in its place stands the Morrigan.
Morrigan LMorrigan
You have called me, and I have answered. Let the age-old trial begin!

Four pieces of amulet, four paths to your goal. Find them all, and I will grant you the aid you seek.

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