Philima's Allies Are In Danger!

I'm traveling to Daphne Cove to find Philima's missing allies! Rumor has it that a monster has been circling the cove.

New Quest Unlocked!

The Levyn has left your party, for the time being. • Travel to Daphne Cove to investigate the monster sightings.

Through a door in the slums, you walk into a vaulted chamber lit by the glow of a blue pool. A thin woman floats over the pool, with several masks orbiting her body.
ArchMagePhilimaArchMage Philima
Master Enrick! How kind of you to bring me my Levyn... it's been years since I've seen it.
Mother? I haven't seen you since I last went to seed! You need to help this Seeker defeat King Yorrick. The Mythlands need you!
CutScene Levyn RLevyn
ArchMagePhilimaArchMage Philima
Before I will leave, I must regain my throne. The Obsidian Guardian poisoned my helpers' hearts so that they no longer obey me. I tried to summon help from my allies in Daphne Cove, but they did not respond.

Now, my spies report a monster prowling the Cove waters. Please, travel to Daphne Cove, and find out what's wrong. With allies to aid my rebellion, perhaps we can find a way to save my helpers, the Khlorri.

Leave the Levyn with me. Your next task will be too dangerous for it to go with you.

CutScene DaphneCove
Travel to Daphne Cove.

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