I Found Jenner's Nest!

The Levyn should be around here somewhere... now I just have to get to the top!

New Objective Unlocked!

Defeat 17 Mud Plodders.

You arrive at the old temple through a stretch of marshland filled with high reeds. You hear a voice, and hide yourself. Chanya, looking hurried and furtive, is directing her remaining Immolators through a wide, dark doorway.
Evil Chanya LChanya
Come on! We don’t have much time to lose! We bought some time by sending the tree with Jenner, but he’s on to us, I know it! We have to get up to Jenner’s nest and destroy the Levyn!
You wait for Chanya to disappear, then follow her. Inside the temple, the ground floor is flooded with marsh water and reeds. A monster forms out of the muck, filling your nose with the stench of rotted algae.

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