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Booming of steam engines, churning gears, and the relentless hum of progress fill the streets of New Feron, Zeruul's manufacturing hub. Once a simple farming village, the citizens of New Feron began developing ways to make their farming faster and more efficient. It wasn't long before they began developing technology to aid in all facets of life. Since that time New Feron has exploded into an ever expanding metropolis. Citizens enjoy the benefits their technology brings, but must live with the unfortunate noise and pollution.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
|Glitch Goblin small Glitch Goblin Beast Variable Variable - None
Ratchet weed small Ratchet Weed Construct 30 16 - Gadget, Whitestone Shard, Widget
Grease Monkey small Grease Monkey Beast 30 16 - Gadget, Whitestone Shard, Widget
Blacksmith small Blacksmith Humanoid 32 15 -

Gadget, Red-Hot Tongs, Whitestone Shard, Widget

Shock Guard small Shock Guard Construct 32 17 Yes Gadget, Whitestone Shard, Widget
Irritated Scientist small Irritated Scientist Humanoid 33 17 Yes Emeralite Shard, Gadget, Whitestone Shard, Widget
Gravel Gunner small Gravel Gunner Construct 33 15 - Gadget, Whitestone Shard
Silencer small Silencer Dark 33 18 Yes Gadget, Map Piece 1, Map Piece 2, Map Piece 3, Map Piece 4, Widget
Mobile Fern small Mobile Fern Construct 34 13 - Widget
Forge Master small Forge Master Humanoid 34 14 Yes Reinforced Plating, Gadget, Widget
Gearhead smallGearhead Construct 35 18 Yes Ammunition Belt, Whitestone Shard
Unholy Construct small Unholy Construct Beast 35 16 Yes Cyborg Skull, Whitestone Shard
Patchwork Man small Patchwork Man Construct 36 17 Yes Gadget, Widget
Incinerator small Incinerator Dark 36 13 Yes Flammable Fuel, Gadget, Whitestone Shard, Widget
Goblin Electrician small Goblin Electrician Beast 37 15 Yes Gadget
Robot Racketeer small Robot Racketeer Construct 37 13 Yes Gadget, Whitestone Shard, Widget

Kelend the Cog Lord smallKelend the Cog Lord (R)

Humanoid 40 25 Yes 20 x Bottled Bomb, 15 x Superior Energy
Blackened Beast small Blackened Beast Beast 42 21 Yes None

Seeking StrategyEdit

Kelend the Cog Lord is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 5.


Red-Hot Tongs small CutScene Prototype Bombs



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