Location: Ivory City

I Protected My Friends From Ghouls!

I defended the Ivory Knights' headquarters for 12 hours! We fought valiantly, but now we're in need of some new recruits. . .

New Objective Unlocked!

- Travel to Kurston to recruit more Ivory Knights

CutScene CaptainGlorin LCaptain Glorin
Finally, the undead are retreating back to the city. It’s going to take a lot of work to move all of our people and weapons to another neighborhood, but almost everything got out intact. Although we couldn’t save the hideout, we did save many lives.

Unfortunately, we were short of knights when the raid started, and the undead soldiers managed to carry off another ten of our best men.

We need more than just a few Knights and a Seeker to take Graves down. For your next assignment, head to Kurston, a town east of here that’s loyal to the rebellion, and recruit more knights.

CutScene Kurston You may now travel to Kurston.

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