Santa Greensleeves Is Lost!

In order to guide him through the fog, I'll need to wake the Eve Owls with some delicious chocolate.

New Objective Unlocked!

• Collect 18 Chocolates from Nog Trolls to bring the Eve Owls out of hibernation.

CutScene Holly L
Thank goodness you stayed around, Seeker! Yesterday, Santa Greensleeves was spotted hiking in on the outskirts of our land, but a terrible fog has rolled in overnight and blocked his path.

This is no ordinary fog. No one has been able to enter or leave town since it rolled in without becoming lost... all except Seekers, of course.

Please, wake up Santa Greensleeves’ patron birds, the Eve Owls, from hibernation, so they can guide him in with their calls. They’re a groggy lot, so you might need something extra sweet to get their attention.

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