Nub Smasher

Large, club-like, heavy. The Nub Smasher is good at smashing nubs. Besides its obvious usage, the origin of its name is a mystery.

Use this to coerce unwilling nubs into helping you free the Grevel Nub Princess. It's also good for smashing other tiny insects!

Location(s): Ecorae

Type: Weapon

Attack Power: 17

Mastery Level 1 2 3 4 5
Attack Power 19 21 23 25 28

Weapon Class: Strong

Critical Chance: 0%


  • 60% chance of Squish (+2 Attack vs Humanoid)
  • Your Nub Smasher Squishes (enemy)!

Required Level: 13

Sell Value: 500

Obtained By: Purchasing from Triggwood Market for 1535 gold

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