Birds Are Eating the Grevel Nubs!

Kestrall's minions are snacking on the local Grevel Nubs! I'm going to help them build a shelter to avoid future dive-bombings.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Collect 5 Small Shields from Heron Ground Troops, and 10 Ants from Wall Walkers to help the Nubs build their bunker.

Grevel Nub LGrevel Nub
The bird guards ate my family as snacks, and now they're coming for me! The Heron Ground troops see us as appetizers! The Redtail Sentries use us for target practice!

Help us build an underground shelter, so that no more Nubs will get dive-bombed! We need a shield for the roof, and a team of ants to help us bury it.

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