I Found An Obsolete Robot!

I found a poor, discarded robot in a junk pile who claims to have information on an Undead invasion! I'll need to find some map pieces to confirm his story.

New Objective Unlocked!

• Collect all four pieces of the map from Silencers. To make the whole map, you will need four separate pieces. - Because the map pieces are rare, you may want to trade with friends in order to get them all.

You re-enter the city through the slums. On your way, the Levyn hears something coming out of a nearby junk pile.
CutScene Levyn LLevyn
Oh! What's that? It looks like a talking pile of firewood.
I'm not firewood! I'm a robot, and I need to talk to the Seeker!

My name's Obby. . . short for Obsolete. I used to fetch things for the Undead army. A couple of days ago, the Undead got a new squad of Junkbots, and so they tried to scrap me and wipe my memory. I escaped by jumping into the garbage and impersonating a broken chair-- my friends all said it was a pretty good resemblance.

I've had it with the Undead... I'm turning to the rebellion! And, as a token of good faith, I have a warning for you: the guards are suspicious of Cog Lord Kelend, and so they've called in reinforcements. The Silencers have more information. They've got pieces of a map that show the attack route.

CutScene Obsolete Robot RightObsolete Robot

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