New Quest Unlocked!

- Travel to New Feron.

You slice your way through tentacle after tentacle, until finally, you manage to get on the beast's head. You deliver a coup de grace to the Chenivore, but in its death throes, you lose your grip, and start plummeting toward the earth.

You brace yourself for impact, expecting the worst, but something breaks your fall just before you hit the ground.

CutScene Obsolete Robot LeftObsolete Robot
Hold on! I'll save you... oof!
By the time you get up, it's already too late. Obby saved your life, but in the process, your armor crushed him.

You pick up a small control panel, the only thing left of your brave little friend. This looks like his core processor. You keep it, in case you ever have the chance to rebuild him.

Obbys Processor
You have received: 1 x Obby's Processor

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