Orb of Certainty

This orb is in its best condition yet. Aznor spent months perfecting the design and imbuing it with his own magic for superior performance. It contains the spirits of past Seekers who have fought the tyranny of Zeruul and never bowed to the whim of his Shadow. It's not certain wether the Orb got its name from the certainty of encounters when using it or just because Aznor is certain he can't do better at this point in time.

Location(s): Aznor's Clearing

Type: Weapon

Attack Power: 35

Mastery Level 1 2 3 4 5
Attack Power 39 43 47 52 57

Weapon Class: Enchanted

Critical Chance: 75%


  • 70% chance of Spirit of Confidence (+5 Attack)
  • You use your weapon with certainty and skill!
  • 50% chance of Spirit of Faith (+8 Attack)
  • The power of your will drives your weapon to a hard blow despite all obstacles!
  • 30% chance of Spirit of Logic (+13 Attack)
  • The thorough knowledge of your enemy makes you a foe to be reckoned with!
  • 10% chance of Spirit of Balance (+21 Attack)
  • You have found self-actualization and your enemies quake in fear!
  • 1% chance of Spirit of Victory (+10000 Attack)
  • Every Seeker's spirit from the past, present, and future guide your hand to almost certain victory!

Required Level: 40

Sell Value: Unsaleable but Tradeable and Giveable.

Obtained By: Forging in Caravan Bazaar in Aznor's Clearing

Components Required:

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