I Got Fortitude Tonic!

I found enough stock for Paraluna's store that she agreed to sell me Fortitude Tonics! These should come in handy in battle.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Find 10 Dragon Herbs, 10 Mushrooms, and 10 Pearls for stronger potions!

• Remember that Pearls come from Cutpurses in Ivory City.

• You can now equip and use potions! Potions disappear from your inventory after use, so be sure to stock up! You can view and manage potions in the Inventory menu under Potions.

Seeress LSeeress
Excellent! With these new ingredients, I can start selling Fortitude Tonics! Come on down anytime-- I’ll give you a special discount!

Say, would you like to join Granny’s rewards club? Bring me 10 more Dragon Herbs and Mushrooms from the Mangled Forest, plus 10 Pearls from Cutpurses in Ivory City, and I can sell you an even more powerful potion.

Mushroom You hand over: Mushroom x 10.

Dragon Herb You hand over: Dragon Herb x 10.

Fortitude Tonic small You have received: 5 x Fortitude Tonic

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