I Got the Citrine Heart!

With this powerful crystal, I can heal Philima's followers and defeat the Obsidian Guardian!

New Objective Unlocked!

• You are now free to take the Citrine Heart to Philima!

• Travel to Fontis Sapienta.

• A side quest has opened up in Sinkbot City.

Hermit Sage LHermit Sage
Ouch! Cease your assault! I have no more energy left to fight you.

Take the Citrine Heart, but please, take good care of it. The Vine is the only thing keeping this marsh, and all of its inhabitants, alive.

A treasure like this is meant to be shared, not locked away in a mage's cupboard. Bring the Citrine Heart back when you are done with it, so that this area can continue to thrive.

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