The Titan Stole My Presents!

What a jerk! I make it to LevynLight's anniversary party only to discover that the Titan stole MY presents!!! This is totally not fair. Way to rain on the parade.

New Objective Unlocked!

- Collect 6 Sigbin Fangs from Sigbin to give to the Titan!

You arrive in Aznor's Clearing to find the tanks in a protective circle and only a few people of the caravan wandering outside while looking worriedly over their shoulders. Aznor spots you from his tank and seems both happy to see you as well as concerned.
CutScene AznorAznor
I'm so glad you could make it, little Seeker! Did you see any of Zeruul's dark creatures on your way here?!
After you shake your head, a Tank Driver steps forward to give some of her own input on the matter.
Indeed! After the earthquake, Aznor sent us out with supplies thinking our caravan would be safe here! While we were gone, Zeruul learned of the tanks' whereabouts and sent his evil minions out to raid us! Most of our people escaped without harm, but several of the presents and equipment we brought for the celebration have been stolen!
CutScene Tank Driver RTank Driver
CutScene AznorAznor
We were able to save some of our more basic supplies and a few items that require crafting for completion. They're all in the bazaar for you to purchase when you like, but the Titan now holds our most prized equipment that we made especially with you in mind. It is the best equipment we've ever created and now it's being held ransom by that monster!
Defeating him won't be enough, Seeker. My fellow drivers and I have spoken to him after many long days of armed combat to seek his attention. He'll only return the items to us in trade. We brokered a deal, but we'll need your help to meet his demands! The first things he said he wanted were 6 Sigbin Fangs.

Every Tank Driver we've tried to send out and collect them has never returned. If you find the fangs, we will deliver them to the Titan for you and you can keep the equipment he'll return to us. Best of luck, Seeker! Return here when you have them!

CutScene Tank Driver RTank Driver

CutScene Aznor's Clearing You may now travel to Aznor's Clearing.

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